Building a Tradition of Excellence


Local 91 LECET Promoting Unionized Construction

From the beginning, Laborers’ Local #91 LECET has instituted programs to ensure a safe jobsite and to bring contractors and the unions representing their members together in cooperation to advance and deliver quality construction projects to the business owners utilizing their services. Joint training under OSHA has been conducted in Excavation Standards and Scaffold Construction.

Public relations and advertising campaigns utilizing radio, public television, billboards and bus card displays were designed to educate the public on the positive role construction labor and management play in the regional economy.

Joint meetings between labor and management have explored and developed innovative ways to promote the industry to the decision-makers who need to be aware of the benefits of building union. These sessions have been well attended and valuable input has been provided by both parties.

The Local #91 LECET Trustees are always open to new and innovative ideas to accomplish the goals to advance the mutual interests of the contractors and Laborers’ Local #91 in this current challenging economy. Each individual participant in our industry is encouraged to provide input through the Local or the Trustees.

Laborers’ Local #91 LECET was formally established in July 1997 by the execution of a Trust Agreement between Laborers’ Local #91,the Builders Industry Employers Association of Niagara County, NY and the Council of Utility Contractors. It was funded by joint contributions of the parties. Since a substantial fund was established, the purposes of the Trust have been continued as intended; to promote unionized construction and to secure the employment of Laborers’ Local #91 members.

Our Purpose

  • To improve communication between the Union and Employers
  • To identify and expand work opportunities for Local #91 members and Employers
  • To promoted efficiency and competitiveness in the unionized industry
  • To enhance safety and reduce the levels of hazards in the industry
  • To inform Employers and the Union concerning issues affecting the industry
  • To assist in ensuring compliance with laws governing public work construction
  • To inform elected and appointed officials of issues, problems and needs of the industry
  • To promote health and safety and the mutual interests of Employers and Laborers’
  • To encourage free collective bargaining between Employers and the Union in the industry
  • To aid in the establishment of other labor, management cooperation and education committees
  • To operate trust programs that enhance the ability of the trust as an organization to accomplish the goals set forth in the Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978

Laborers’ Local #91 LECET

has developed and operated programs designed to promote successful bids by unionized contractors; to increase work opportunities for Laborers’ Local #91 members; and to generally promote the entire unionized industry. Examples include: a Market Recovery Program; an event recognizing Laborers’ Local #91 retirees and the contribution they have made; and support of numerous community benefit and economic development activities.

Laborers’ Local #91 LECET is jointly administered by Trustees designated by Laborers’ Local #91 and the participating Employer Associations. Laborers’ Local #91 LECET can be contacted either through Laborers’ Local #91 or by contacting Hector Titus, Administrator, at 716-885-6398.